Chernobyl workshop

The workshop is a consulting, research and educational center on the basis of which the legal assistance and social support are provided for people suffered because of the Chernobyl catastrophe.
Together with partner organizations, the Chernobyl Historical Workshop implements projects to support social dialogue.
The Chernobyl Historical Workshop hosts regular meetings on establishing cooperation between Kharkiv public organizations that work in the social, environmental and cultural spheres.
The Workshop provides a legal assistance and support in solving social problems for people suffered because of the accident on Chernobyl nuclear power station and preserves the memories of these people.
The educational activity is one of the main directions in Chernobyl History Workshop function. The thematic exhibitions, different education seminars and trainings directed to the development of the potential of the participants are hold in the workshop.
As a consultative centre Chernobyl History Workshop gives help and support in solving the social and legal problems to people, who have suffered because of Chernobyl catastrophe, and also to other vulnerable groups of the population.
Chernobyl Historical Workshop pays a great attention to professional training of volunteers, conducts various trainings and seminars with the help of leading specialists for them.
The exhibition "Chernobyl: People-Places-Solidarity-Future" tells about the accident on the 4th block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, its consequences, it also tells about the problems of modern life in the contaminated after the accident regions
The International Educational Centre, Dortmund (IBB Dortmund) in the cooperation with the partners from the International Chernobyl Network conducts European Memory Weeks “Shaping the Future after Chernobyl and Fukusima” every year since 2012.
Chernobyl History Workshop started its work in April 2012 in Kharkiv as a joint project of the International Educational Centre, Dortmund (IBB Dortmund), the German-Ukrainian partnership network and Kharkiv Municipal Public Organization “Chernobyl Union”
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